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Wiggles 3D 5-Minute Dungeon A Chaotic, Co-operative, Real-time Card Game | Fast-Paced Board Game | for Families, Ages 8 & up | 2-5 players

Wiggles 3D 5-Minute Dungeon A Chaotic, Co-operative, Real-time Card Game | Fast-Paced Board Game | for Families, Ages 8 & up | 2-5 players

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5-Minute Dungeon box cover

5-Minute Dungeon

A Chaotic, Cooperative, Real-Time Card Game

Will you make it out alive? Test your speed and strategy against six different bosses and their dungeons!

In this chaotic, cooperative, real-time card game, players use quick thinking to combat monsters and villains, overcome traps and obstacles, and defeat bosses... all in 5 minutes!

What's in the Box:

  • 275 Cards
  • 5 Double-sided Hero Mats (10 Heroes Total)
  • 3 Double-sided Boss Mats (6 Bosses Total)

Player Mats

Dungeon and Resource Cards

Baby Barbarian Boss Mat

Learn Fast, Play Even Faster

This tabletop card game is simple to learn and exhilarating to play! To begin, select a hero, grab their hero mat and unique deck, and draw a hand of cards. Once each player is equipped, start the timer, flip over the top card of the dungeon and get started!

To defeat each dungeon card, you must either match its symbols, or use an action card or hero ability to bypass it. But time is ticking! You must defeat the entire dungeon deck in 5 minutes to win!

Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Perfect for kids and adults alike, 5-Minute Dungeon is a great way to hone problem-solving skills and encourage quick thinking. Players must learn to assess each challenge at a glance and come up with a strategy to overcome it.

And it's easy to adapt the game for younger players... simply play against a smaller dungeon deck, start with extra time... or play with no timer at all.

Cooperate to Win

In the chaos of the dungeon, heroes need to work together to prevail!

Any player can throw down a card down at any time, but once a card is played, you can't get it back! That means that your team must learn to cooperate and use cards wisely for you to prevail against all six dungeons and their bosses.

This frantic and fun game is a great way to promote bonding and team building. Battle together… or perish in the dungeon.

5-Minute Dungeon Box and Components Curses Expansion Box and Components 5-Minute Mystery Box and Components
5-Minute Dungeon Curses! Foiled Again! Expansion 5-Minute Mystery
Customer Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Price $29.99 $15.99 $29.99
Type Full Game Expansion (requires 5-Minute Dungeon to play) Full Game
Number of Players 1 to 5 2 to 6 1 to 6
Play Style Co-operative Co-operative Co-operative or Solo
Ages 8+ 8+ 8+
Time To Play 5 minute rounds 5 minute rounds 3 to 9 minute rounds
Quick To Learn?
Free Downloadable Timer App?
  • 5-Minute Dungeon is the most fun you can have in 5 minutes! You'll need teamwork to defeat each dungeon in only 5 minutes, and then take on the next intense challenge. Defeat all 6 bosses to win!
  • Now with 25 more cards and the extra-challenging Dungeon Master: Final Form boss!
  • Featuring a free timer app for Android and Apple devices, with six different themed narrators!
  • Easy to learn, quick to teach: Match your cards to each symbol in the dungeon deck to win! 5-Minute Dungeon is perfect for teams of 2-5 players aged 8+.
  • Includes: 275 Cards, 5 Double-Sided Hero Mats (10 Heroes Total), 3 Double-Sided Boss Mats (6 Bosses Total)
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